What is Jun?

Jun tea is a cousin of kombucha. Unlike kombucha which is made with black tea and sugar, Jun is brewed with green tea and raw honey. Jun has a lighter more delicate flavor profile, is more effervescent and less sour than kombucha.

Why is Jun good for you?

As well as being a strong probiotic, the health benefits of Jun include promoting proper digestive function, increased diversity of microbiota, aiding in the absorption of food, and strengthening the immune system. Jun also contains organic acids which aid in detoxing the body, including the liver. Jun has been shown to help with stomach discomfort and bloating, and can be used as a digestive aid with meals to help break down food.

Is there alcohol in Junbucha?

Because Junbucha is a fermented tea, there are trace amounts of alcohol present in the final brew, usually between .5% and 2% ABV. For comparison most light beer is around 5% but the ethanol in Junbucha is in such small amounts that your body metabolizes it quickly enough so you can’t get drunk from it.

How much Junbucha can I drink?

It is recommended to start with no more than 16oz per day with lots of water. Once your body becomes accustomed to drinking Junbucha, you can increase the amount over time. As always trust your gut!

Should I keep my Junbucha refrigerated?

Yes! Chilling your Junbucha slows the fermentation down so that the taste stays the same while you wait to drink it. But if you find our brew it to be a little too sweet, you can leave it out at room temperature over night or longer to let your brew “sour” and then return it to the fridge before drinking as its best served chilled. Make sure not to leave the bottle out of the fridge too long sealed as it can explode!