What We Do

Located in Saratoga Springs, NY, Junbucha specializes in handcrafting small batch, super-premium Jun Kombucha. We source local, raw wildflower honey and add it to unique and exciting teas from all over the world to create an unparalleled, probiotic rich health elixir.

jun kombucha


It is our mission to create the highest quality, small batch Jun to spread the extraordinary health benefits of this special brew with families of the community while using sustainable practices to ensure a low impact on our mother earth.

Specializing in Small:


Size doesn’t always matter. Especially when it comes to your Jun Kombucha brewer. Our custom built, solar powered production facility is designed to streamline our process and minimize energy waste by harnessing natures most abundant energy source .?


Reusable, Returnable, Sustainable:


In a world dominated by single use plastic bottles, Junbucha has forked in a different direction. Inspired by fellow entrepreneurs with an unapologetic approach toward sustainability, our custom made glass swing top bottle was born. Now your bottle gets another life after your Junbucha is gone. Make it your next water bottle, juice container, flower vase, or return for a deposit to any of our local farmers markets. Share with us your favorite way to use our bottles!?


Conscious Of Our Footprint:


Here at the brewery, we compost our teas, herbs, flowers, fruit and other botanicals. Cardboard, paper products, cans, metal and plastic are also recycled. Filtering systems are used to reduce water consumption and we only use biodegradable and non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products.?#becauseshesworthit

Vision For A Regenerative Future:


With a passion for sustainable and healthy systems we have a vision for the future… A future where small businesses can thrive by sharing new ideas about ethical entrepreneurship for a regenerative future. A future where we build up innovators who are making a difference right now and making it their business.